Flexible short-term life insurance for people who live everyday like it's their last.

Launching Fall 2018

Let's start with an analogy.

Spot is to
traditional life insurance
as ride sharing is
to car ownership.

Unlike traditional life insurance

We offer on-the-spot coverage and instant approval. Our policies range from 1-day to 30-day terms and they start at just $7 for $50,000 of coverage.

We approve of the activities
your mom wouldn’t.

We’ve worked hard with our partners to ensure our pricing and contracts are straightforward and transparent.

Purchasing a policy is streamlined to a few clear questions and takes a matter of minutes. Simple sign up. Instant coverage.

We have your back.
Our Partners have ours.

We’re backed by one of best insurance companies around. They use words like “retrocession” and “facultative.” They’re very good at math. If they let us do this, you’d better believe our insurance policies are safe, well-researched, and legally binding.

Know What You're Worth

Or, at least be able to easily understand what your policy is worth.


Or approximately four years of the average home mortgage.


Which is roughly four years of tuition at a public university.


That’s more coverage than 76% of existing life insurance policies.