Our Story

Even in a country where almost everyone is insured, something isn't working. Policies are confusing, deductibles are high, and providers too commonly find a way to avoid paying out claims. Maria Miller and Matt Randall founded Spot, on-the-spot injury insurance that allows people to live their lives without the fear of financial hardship.

Almost 40% of Americans would struggle to cover a $400 emergency.

- Federal Reserve Board, 2019

How Spot Works


Buy a policy and get covered. The longer your policy, the less you'll pay per day.


If you get hurt, go to the doctor. A Spot policy covers doctor-recommended, out-of-pocket medical costs up to $20,000.


Get reimbursed and back on your feet.

Here's to a life well-insured.
From small mishaps to larger oopsies, here are a few things your Spot Policy could cover.
Doctor-Recommended MRIs and other scans
Breaks, Sprains, and Fractures
Ambulance Rides and Hospital Visits