Life is a long series of complicated and often unpredictable events.

We believe life insurance
shouldn’t be.

Life insurance is built on old rules and archaic models that are unnecessarily hard to understand. Spot exists to put choice and chance back in the hands of the people. We offer “on-the-spot” life insurance just for the moments you need it, from one day up to 30 days, so you can get out there and live more than a little.

If the things that make you feel most alive are also most likely to kill you, it’s good to have life insurance that actually covers them.

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How We Got Here

A Message from Our Founder

A few years ago, a mentor of mine encouraged me to read a book called “How Will You Measure Your Life?” And as I read that book and reflected, I wanted my measurement to be what I have done to better the lives of those around me. Having witnessed tragedy in my own life, it became increasingly important to do something to help those around me better their situations.

Here at Spot, we have a deep empathy for those who have lost loved ones and a deep passion to help people live life to its fullest while also caring for those we love most. We know that half of Americans live with less than $500 in their bank accounts, and even more don’t have enough insurance to take care of their families if the worst were to happen. So we built something to help the millions of us who could use a little back-up.

We are working hard to reimagine life insurance. How it is underwritten, how it is distributed, and how it can be affordable to everyone. We’ll keep working hard to find ways to protect those of you out there living life the way it was meant to be lived.

To living more than a little,
Maria Miller Co-founder & COO

Maria sailing in Greece
Spot Spot policies are issued by Fidelity Life Association and reinsured by Hannover Life Reassurance Company of America.

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