Legal Notices

Last Modified: November 9, 2018

Carrier Information

Your insurance policy will be underwritten by Fidelity Life Association (“FLA”). FLA is licensed in all states except NY*WY and carries an A.M. Best rating of A (Excellent) or better.


Any terms used in these Legal Notices (this “Notice”) that are capitalized but not otherwise defined in this Notice have the meanings ascribed to them in our Terms of Use.

Producer Compensation Disclosure

Life by Spot Inc. receives compensation from insurance carriers based on the type and amount of insurance coverage sold and the amount of premium dollars paid. At your request, we will provide further information about the compensation we expect to receive for your purchase of a specific insurance policy from us.

Procedure for Providing Us an Alternative Address

If you are covered by one of our policies and have an order of protection against a policyholder or other person covered by a Life by Spot policy, you may send us a copy of the order of protection and any alternative address, telephone number, or other method of contact that you would like us to use, to:

Life by Spot Inc.
6836 Austin Center Blvd., Ste. 280
Austin, TX 78730

Insurance Products

Life by Spot is offering eligible individuals to apply for insurance products through the Site. Life by Spot is an insurance agency, we do not underwrite, insure or issue any products being offered through our site. Insurance products are only available to people in those jurisdictions in which they may be legally sold. By applying for insurance products through the Site, you agree to designate us as your agent of record, authorize us to communicate such designation to any insurance carrier and any other person or entity we determine should be advised, and permit us to receive any compensation that any insurance carrier agrees to pay to us in connection with your purchase of insurance products. With respect to any insurance product, if any term or condition of this Notice differs from the terms and conditions of the policy, the policy provisions will control. In addition, though we would like you to give us the opportunity to resolve any complaint you may have about the insurance products offered through the Site, if we are unable to resolve your complaint, you may also report your complaint to the insurance regulator in your state. Contact information for state insurance regulators in the United States may be found at

Form F4600CT is a Term Life Insurance Policy underwritten and issued by Fidelity Life Association (“FLA”) and offered exclusively through the Site.

Product information and descriptions contained within the Site are not intended to be complete descriptions of all applicable terms, exclusions and conditions, but are provided solely for general informational purposes. Any quotes we generate based upon information provided by you do not constitute a contract, or in any way a binding agreement to extend insurance coverage unless and until we have confirmed that your coverage is in effect. Descriptions of coverage on the Site are merely explanatory and illustrative in nature and qualified by reference to the full terms and conditions of the applicable policy. In order to obtain insurance coverage, you must submit a complete application through our Site. Issuance of insurance will depend upon underwriting approval. Availability and coverages may vary by state. If you purchase a policy through Life by Spot, you should refer to the actual policy for complete details of coverage. Approval of your application is not guaranteed and is subject to acceptance by insurer based upon its underwriting guidelines and your personal health history. By applying for an insurance product through the Site, you agree to use all safety equipment that may be reasonably necessary when engaging in an activity covered by such product, or that may otherwise be required by law.

We do not provide forms of professional advice of the type that may require additional professional licensing, such as legal, medical, accounting, or tax advice. The Site does not contain any legal, regulatory, accounting, or tax advice, and you must rely solely upon your own advisors with respect to such advice.

Consent to Doing Business Electronically

In connection with the products and services offered through the Site, from time to time you will receive disclosures, notices, documents (including your application and insurance policy, if one is issued) and other information (“Communications”) from us. The benefits of the products and services offered through the Site are available only by conducting business through the Internet, and therefore we need your consent to conduct business electronically. This section informs you of your rights when receiving electronic Communications.

As used in this section entitled “Consent to Doing Business Electronically”, “we” or “us” refers not just to Life by Spot, but also Life by Spot agents, FLA, and FLA’s affiliates and agents.

Scope of Consent

You agree that all Communications from us relating to the products and services, including insurance products, offered through the Site may be provided or made available to you electronically by e-mail or at the Site. You further agree that we may accept an electronic signature from you, and that this electronic signature will have the same effect as a physical wet signature and will appear on all records related to the provision of any such products and services. Your consent also applies to all Communications and information that we receive from you. Your consent is voluntary and, if you consent, you still have the right to receive a free paper copy of any Communication by contacting us in the manner described below.

Withdrawing Consent

You may withdraw your consent to receive Communications electronically and to use an electronic signature at any time. If you withdraw your consent, from that time forward (i) you will be unable to apply for products and services, including insurance products, through the Site, and (ii) we will be unable to continue to process any pending applications for products and services, including insurance products. To withdraw your consent to do business electronically, please send us a written notice by U.S. Mail (Life by Spot Inc., 6836 Austin Center Blvd., Ste. 280, Austin, TX 78731).

Licensing Information

All solicitations to apply for insurance and applications for insurance are made through Life by Spot Companies Inc. and Thomas Winslow, its Designated Responsible Licensed Producer (State Licenses Listed below). This website is not a solicitation to sell insurance in any jurisdiction in which we are not licensed.

  • Alabama
    • Agent: 3000310262
    • Business Entity: 18724703
  • Alaska
    • Agent: 100158603
    • Business Entity: 100160558
  • Arizona
    • Agent: 13057583
    • Business Entity: 3000307955
  • Arkansas
    • Agent: 13057583
    • Business Entity: 18724703
  • California
    • Agent: 0I99377
    • Business Entity: 18724703
  • Colorado
    • Agent: 453766
    • Business Entity: 569427
  • Connecticut
    • Agent: 2593242
    • Business Entity: 2597855
  • Delaware
    • Agent: 3000275738
    • Business Entity: 3000307901
  • District of Columbia
    • Agent: 3000275722
    • Business Entity: 3000307972
  • Florida
    • Agent: 13057583
    • Business Entity: 18724703
  • Georgia
    • Agent: 3195812
    • Business Entity: 18724703
  • Idaho
    • Agent: 663830
    • Business Entity: 670273
  • Illinois
    • Agent: 13057583
    • Business Entity: 3000307938
  • Hawaii
    • Agent: 3195812
    • Business Entity: 473811 - Lic / 366570 - Entity ID
  • Indiana
    • Agent: 3330165
    • Business Entity: 3330165
  • Iowa
    • Agent: 13057583
    • Business Entity: 1002316865
  • Kansas
    • Agent, Producer: 13057583
    • Business Entity: 824491126-000
  • Kentucky
    • Agent: DOI-990447
    • Business Entity: 995107
  • Louisiana
    • Agent: 761454
    • Business Entity: 763454
  • Maine
    • Agent: PRN307231
    • Business Entity: AGN309850
  • Maryland
    • Agent: 3000275755
    • Business Entity: 3000307940
  • Massachusetts
    • Agent: 2053997
    • Business Entity: 18724703
  • Michigan
    • Agent: 13057583
    • Business Entity: 0115681
  • Minnesota
    • Agent: 40570467
    • Business Entity: 40577174
  • Mississippi
    • Agent: 10543580
    • Business Entity: 15033671
  • Montana
    • Agent: 3000275758
    • Business Entity: 3000316532
  • Nebraska
    • Agent: 13057583
    • Business Entity: 100291212
  • Nevada
    • Agent: 3329935
    • Business Entity: 3345417
  • New Hampshire
    • Agent: 2399590
    • Business Entity: 2404248
  • New Jersey
    • Agent: 1667557
    • Business Entity: 1671832
  • New Mexico
    • Agent: 13057583
    • Business Entity: 3000316872
  • New York
    • Agent: LA-1477178 / LB-1477178
    • Business Entity: 18724703
  • North Carolina
    • Agent: 13057583
    • Business Entity: 1000580940
  • North Dakota
    • Agent: 13057583
    • Business Entity: 3000316533
  • Ohio
    • Agent: 1187296
    • Business Entity: 1192463
  • Oklahoma
    • Agent: 3000275764
    • Business Entity: 3000318064
  • Oregon
    • Agent: 13057583
    • Business Entity: 18724703
  • Pennsylvania
    • Agent: 847422
    • Business Entity: 854627
  • Rhode Island
    • Agent: 3000275711
    • Business Entity: 3000316534
  • South Carolina
    • Agent: 13057583
    • Business Entity: 1913066334
  • South Dakota
    • Agent: 40480178
    • Business Entity: 10020647
  • Tennessee
    • Agent: 2397642
    • Business Entity: 2402674
  • Texas
    • Agent: 1551259
    • Business Entity: 2278574
  • Utah
    • Agent: 663619
    • Business Entity: 18724703
  • Vermont
    • Agent: 3330461
    • Business Entity: 3344831
  • Virginia
    • Agent: 1071213
    • Business Entity: 143950
  • Washington
    • Agent: 978727
    • Business Entity: 18724703
  • West Virginia
    • Agent: 13057583
    • Business Entity: 100272568
  • Wisconsin
    • Agent: 13057583
    • Business Entity: 3000316485
  • Wyoming
    • Agent: 366572
    • Business Entity: 371371
Spot Spot policies are issued by Fidelity Life Association and reinsured by Hannover Life Reassurance Company of America.

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